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Vincent: Case Vignette of a Psychopath

This is a case vignette I created based on knowledge about psychopaths. I literally just invented the story to fit a typical profile. Hope you enjoy! I may make minor changes in the near future to this, but we will see. As always, this is my work so please do not steal! Thanks!

Vincent: Case Vignette of a Psychopath

            Vincent was born on June 13, 1973 in a small town inAlabamato two parents, Eleanor and Jeff. His parents loved him and he grew up in a normal family environment. He was rewarded and punished, though not severely, as any normal child is. When Vincent was 7 years old, he grew bored of the school routine and began to skip school. He started spending time with an older group of truants who would drink beer and smoke cigarettes down an alley. He began to drink alcohol and smoke along with the older children. He skipped classes more and more often and when

asked about it, he would lie. He would tell the school that his parents had kept home because he was sick or there was a family emergency, or some other legitimate sounding excuse. When his father would find out about his truancy, he would punish Vincent, but Vincent would continue to do what he wanted anyway. Nothing mattered to Vincent besides pleasing himself. When Vincent did attend his classes, he would be so disruptive that he was oftentimes given detention. At the age of 9, Vincent began to catch neighborhood cats and torture them. He would bury some alive, set others on fire, and abuse the rest in other ways. This was an enjoyable activity for him. He would also threaten to abuse the younger children he bullied in similar ways. At the age of 10, Vincent decided to run away from home because he was tired of living with his parents; he wanted to do things his way. He hitchhiked his way toNew York Citywhere he discovered the city’s underbelly of drugs and prostitution. At the age of 11 he was using cocaine and had a new sexual partner at least twice a week. He was free to do whatever he wanted and he loved it. He would live on the street, or sometimes convince friends and acquaintances to let him stay at their homes for a while, but he never paid anyone rent. Whenever his roommate started requesting rent or money for food, he would move out and find someone else to use. In order to pay for his new habits, he began to burglarize homes in the area and sell the goods to pawn shops. This would give him some excitement as well as a way to pay for his drugs and prostitutes. He would also steal from the people he was staying with from time to time. He did not care who he had to take money from as long as he got what he wanted. He was arrested several times for drug possession and once for burglary. When he was arrested for burglary, he convinced the police that he was the real victim; that he had been poor all his life and he had no other options open to him. At the age of 17, he decided to start his own door-to-door sales company in which he would illegally sell magazine subscriptions that would never come in the mail. He convinced a few other people to help him, and they went door-to-door selling these fake subscriptions to naïve customers. He sold many of them, especially to women. He charmingly deceived many of them by convincing them that the magazines would help enhance their beauty even more or help their

husband pay more attention to them, etc. After he would receive all the checks he could get, he would move on to a different area. By the age of 24, he had fathered 3 children with a woman he eventually married her. He cheated on her with several different women throughout their marriage. Whenever his wife suspected something was going on, he would create a story to explain the situation and she would believe him. Their family looked perfect from the outside, but Vincent never actually cared much for his wife or children. Eventually Vincent got tired of the family routine and one night he decided he was going to go burglarize his neighbor’s house while they were at home. As he made his way through the house, his neighbors heard him and called the police. When the police came, he was arrested and taken to the police station. However, the interview got no where because he out-witted the policemen and he was released. After he was released, he left his family and moved in with a friend from the past. Vincent did not help his wife and children, even though they were barely surviving by themselves. He did not care that they were struggling, nor did he feel guilty, because he was happy and able to do what he wanted to do. That was all that mattered to Vincent. He returned to his drug use, partying, frequent use of prostitutes, and committing burglaries and frauds. Eventually he was arrested for rape and sent to prison time. As he was being interviewed he showed no remorse and described the event as enjoyable. He told the police that it made him feel good and that her suffering meant nothing to him. He understood that she had suffered, but he could not understand why. He was just living in the moment and enjoying himself. He is currently serving time in prison for the rape and is due to be released in 2014. In Vincent’s case, treatment will probably be ineffective because he fits the criteria of a psychopath based off of the PCL-R checklist. More information will be forthcoming.


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